Spectacular day in the Pyrenees. Col d'Aspin, Arreau, Hourquette d'Ancizan, Sarrat de Gaye. Lazy 2000m of climbing wink


Last day of spring evening ride with my beautiful - if a little slow... ahem! tongue - riding partner. Niiiice! smile grin


Bit of a struggle up the Tourmalet today. What with heat & running out of water after going long way round. Oops! wink


Accidentally plotted a cycling course up the wrong hill & ended up here: Plaine d'Esquiou. Could have been worse! wink


A few locals obviously thought phone I pulled from my back pocket was food. Sorry! Will bring carrots next time! wink


Col de Beyrede (some dirt & gravel on the climb) & Hourquette d'Ancizan. Cos you can't do famous cols ALL the time wink


Toasty today at 34° in the Baronnies! View back to the snowy peaks from near Capvern. Hmmmmmm.... snnnnooooowwwwww wink


Things to do this arvo, so little spin up the Aspin & to Lac de Payolle was all there was time for today. Oh well! wink


I never do coffee stops but beer & pizza is mid-ride break I can get behind wink 122km & Hautacam PR today. Love it! grin


What passes for an easy local loop these days wink Couple of hours smashing round beautiful, empty roads like this! grin


Big week of riding ends with loop to next valley & home over this little climb. Stayed dry despite the clouds. Phew!


Today's ride: foothills then Chiroulet, which is in the valley between the 2 main peaks in 1st pic. Beautiful day smile


First Tourmalet ascent of the year. Last 3km closed to cars, but not bikes! grin As usual, sucks to be a car driver! tongue


Cyclists should know this guy: He spends summer atop Col du Tourmalet but prefers to winter in the valley it seems wink


Busy day, but got out for lovely spring evening's spin in the Baronnies: tiny, quiet roads & plenty of punchy climbs!


Ride from Lac du Salagou into the hills. Wonderful area with huge vistas & beautiful villages - like Lunas seen here.


Post ride snack. Despite it being a bit nippy up Ventoux looks like I got a bit sweaty somewhere on today's route! wink


When in Provence... grin 3° up top + 70kph wind chill equals completely numb fingers on the descent. Fun times! wink grin


Today's ride: bit grey but always something interesting to see. This is on the dam wall at Stausee Kleine Kinzig.


Quiet, smooth, twisty, rolling roads through beautiful nature & charming villages. I love riding the Black Forest! grin


Plenty of scope for CX training on today's ride wink By the beach & through wetland. And yes, those dots are flamingos!


Today's ride: up a lovely little - 1,200m at the top wink - climb. Parc Natural del Montseny. Just North of Barcelona.


Ride from the Med coast up brutal climb (20%+ ramps), past vineyards, a castle & lakes. You know, the usual stuff wink


Today's ride: Same route as last time, reversed. In 3½ hours riding only 34 sec difference - faster! smile #Consistency


More fun in the Costa Blanca hills today. Around 90km with 1800m of vertical. Lovely & warm too. Niiiiice smile grin


Today's ride: Deserted Costa Blanca roads. Surprisingly good riding here & it's almost hot! #TanLines #FullyPro wink


Shots from today's ride. Lovely roads but a bit arid around here. Higher you go, greener it gets though. Oh well! wink


Last ride of Winter today, a bit chilly: hardly drank a thing. Then again was only just over an hour #ThingsToDo wink


Cycling in Serra de Llaberia. After most of winter in the Pyrenees, 3% gradient in warm sunshine felt like a joke! wink


Today's ride: just random cruising through lots of beautiful little villages. This one is Orincles. It's nice here smile


Today's ride: for a change here's the 'ugly' view looking North wink That's Saint-Savin on the left saving the shot! grin


Views of today's ride. Unseasonably warm so popped up the Col du Soulor - as you do wink Nice snowy view at the top! smile


Clouds cleared today to reveal what they've been working on: snowy peaks. Chilly ride, but beautiful all the same smile


Lovely sunny bike path cruise with Pratiwi. Then I nipped up Hautacam. You know, just because it's right there! grin wink


Merry Xmas from the French Pyrenees! Still cycling weather here! Nice ride means guilt free gluttony is coming! tongue wink


Today's ride in glorious sunshine: Col du Tourmalet. Well... as much as was possible. Didn't bring my skis! wink


No, these aren't, 'posted 3 months late' pictures. Col du Soulor. On the bike. Today. 17 Dec! #NotColdAtAll! grin


Chilly 5-10°C riding today. Thankful for new gloves & booties keeping me warm grin Quick pic of the lovely val d'Azun.


Live segments test at Hautacam. Verdict: Absolute torture! Spectacular day: wearing shorts & just 2 layers up top! grin


Today someone told me South of France was much like Aus in Winter. Weather maybe, but this view from today's ride? wink


End of the road today: Pont d'Espagne. Clearly has more popular times but forecast to be snowed in tonight! Brrrrr!


Remember Tourmalet is 2115m up, amazing weather this week! Snow coming so cyclists: get up there while you can! grin wink


Col du Tourmalet today. Can you believe it's almost winter!? Few mins off a PB but came home strong. #CantComplain grin


Not been riding much? Try 2xHC climbs (Soulor/Spandelles) when a little out of shape! Beautiful day for some pain! wink


When old GPS & phone are both unreliable, what's left? wink Lucky only short ride today, but 10km of that was on pavé!


Gotta love a climb where last few kays are 10% pavé! Cattle here impressive too, esp. ones with the odd udders! wink


Random trundle around valleys in Northern Spain. Lovely & green. Nice hills too, descent back to coast great fun! grin


This was the 'warm up' climb on today's ride: cat 2 up to Cahecho. Went on to Fuente De but got cloudy so no pics sad


Rode up to Puerto San Glorio today. Wasn't going to but weather came good. Down to short jersey on the climb! #Toasty


Beautiful rolling hills inland from San Sebastian. Aside from the main road to get here wonderful riding smile