Plenty of snow around on our walk today. One of us grew up loving to slide on icy ground, the other... not so much wink


Spotted on today's morning stroll: Wot no Cows? wink Moooooooo! smile


Waiting for friends. Just the two of us. Feels like a date night from back in the day, if only for a few minutes wink


Spotted (barely!) on today's morning stroll: Camo Horse! A new bread of superhero?? wink


Stay on target. Stay on target!!! Erm... I mean... driving the Gotthard tunnel wink Almost 17km long so plenty of this!


Swiss motorway toll is 40CHF so bit miffed sat in traffic. But at least didn't pay half a million plus to do so! wink


Post-ride beer. No view as watching Giro on delay. And yes, not staged, kitchen island really does look like this! wink


Today's shopping: self grips (light use only!) & few pints of Franziskaner on special. #BlokesAtTheSupermarket wink grin


Windy walk home on't beach after lunch. Guess who forgot their sunnies? wink In my defence was overcast when we left tongue


Somehow we didn't sit at this cafe & order all of this! Hope it doesn't weigh on me as one of my greatest regrets! wink


Picked up a hat for shade while working in the garden. Only later did I realise... oh my! What have I become?! sad wink


Lisbon metro. Makes me almost miss such eccentrics. Sign on little trolly reads, "Anything but a backpack day" LOL grin


Bit windy out! This could be... erm... interesting! wink First flight in ages - how exciting! grin


Back from today's ride in the nick of time! Step off bike, crack a beer, watch 6 Nations while I stretch. Great game!


Happy New Year!... Errrrrmmmm... Oooops! wink tongue grin


Just what you want to see on a recovery ride wink Head NE from Llafranc beach (very pretty place) if you fancy it! grin


Fabulous Thai @ Sabai Sabai in Argeles Plage. No entree, but ordered 3 mains & devoured the lot! Highly recommended.


Smashed my PR up East side of the Tourmalet. Loving 25-30C temps so pretty Aussie still - locals hate this 'heat'! wink


Well slap my thigh! wink Col d'Aspin... on Feb 16... in shorts! Set a PR too so double awesome! Happy days! grin grin


Temporary shelving setup in the garage for training. Strangely motivational... hmmmmmmm... wink


What do you mean you've never wanted to test temp/humidity sensor performance when installed in an extractor vent? wink


Appero time by the fireside wink Cheers! grin


When friends let you on their boat. Thx! smile Also loving my new combover! Oh wait - that's a shadow isn't it? Doh! wink


Look for 'fancy' restaurant in Cahors but v. busy Saturday, so end up in a backstreet bar. Prolly more fun anyhow! wink


Pratiwi likes this shape bottle to root cuttings in. Says she wants me to empty more. Who am I to argue? wink #BeerJoke


Spotted on today's walk: I say madam, do you realise you have something in your hair? wink


When friends with silly sunnies come to visit... wink Enjoying glass of wine & couple of pintxos at the local market.


First spotted on Hautacam in 2014... authorities bust our inflatable kangaroo for overstaying his visa! #harsh sad wink


Arvo ice-cream stop as one desert just wasn't enough for some! Lucky someone else got up early to ride their bike! wink


No idea what she's drinking, but I'll certainly be needing a bit more than this thimble of beer that just arrived! wink


Paw-sing for a quick paw-trait. Love the bear-et but need a shave - in summer this bear-d is un-bear-able! grin grin grin


Why pay thousands for 1st class cabin on a plane? Park a camping car top of a hill in 100km/h winds. Authentic bad turbulence experience! wink


I don't like this Twitter change to longer tweets. Composing something concise requires skill so personally I'm going to stick to 140 charac


Out cycling today was stopped by police & then asked to hold this sign as a bunch of randoms rode by! wink Awesome! grin


Campaign poster spotted outside a local polling place... oh dear... wink


Living like a king! Another wonderful dinner with some overly generous friends. Nom, nom, nom, nom! tongue Thankyou! grin


Early ride to work up thirst pre-Paris–Roubaix. Accidentally better than planned... forgot the bidons! #Winning wink


"january 15 famous birthdays"... who'd have thought! #HappyBirthdayToMe wink Thanks to all the well wishers smile grin


Happy holidays to all! Wonderful xmas eve dinner with friends here. Thx for that & lending us a tree for this shot wink


Last minute decision to take in a concert. In the cheap seats! wink grin wink grin wink


Lazy supermarket priced these 2 off-cuts the same. Shame wink I chose the larger of the two obviously. Bargain plus! wink


Ahem, well, this is slightly embarrassing... finally gave in & joined the fat bike fad! Look at the size of that! wink


Time for desert. Guess I'd better finish this Sangria first! wink grin tongue


Spotted in a local village: nice guy carrying a bike for a mate, or a bike thief! Around here likely it's the former.


Pratiwi's favourite alcoholic beverage. All the better at this very offensive price! wink #MoreBeerMoneyForMe tongue :P


I often ride this road but drove today. Traffic here can be tricky as you see. Imagine negotiating this on a bike! wink


Someone had a wonderful time playing in fields & the stream by the road today. Why dog folk can't have nice cars! wink


Not sure this cake has enough cream filling. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... wink Nom, nom, nom! tongue


I often do quite well on the daily leaderboard. 8th up the Aspin today. Somehow I can't see this lasting though! wink


6s off a PR on the Aspin today. Think I could have taken those seconds with a sprint if it wasn't so busy up here! wink