Old town of Sitges: narrow alleys and... erm... interesting shopfront props wink


Ride from the Med coast up brutal climb (20%+ ramps), past vineyards, a castle & lakes. You know, the usual stuff wink


Passed lots of orange groves yesterday. Paid 7 bucks for a bag of lovely, juicy fruit as big as Pratiwi wink Bargain grin


Not all jamón here is cheap. This 440€ leg most expensive I could find. 49/kg? Anyone in Sydney want to comment? wink


Spanish supermarket: Jamón a serious business here! There's a guy hand slicing it for your tasting pleasure too smile


Lunch in Villajoyosa. 12€ menu included a 'small' glass of sangria. This & my entrée the highlights. Yum! tongue smile


So let me get this straight: there really is a Crown Prince needing help to transfer millions & only guy smart enough to reply is in Panama?


Today's ride: Same route as last time, reversed. In 3½ hours riding only 34 sec difference - faster! smile #Consistency


Dear Mr Advertising Industry, as you can't play nice I'm taking all your toys! tongue Network ad-block in the snail! grin


More fun in the Costa Blanca hills today. Around 90km with 1800m of vertical. Lovely & warm too. Niiiiice smile grin


Nerd alert!!! You know... because have been without a server room for far too long wink


Woke feeling a bit off. Did 90km bike ride. Felt better. Sat in sunshine & had food & drink forced on us by neighbours. Life is tough! wink grin


Today's ride: Deserted Costa Blanca roads. Surprisingly good riding here & it's almost hot! #TanLines #FullyPro wink


Feeling very lucky... this was on the table 5 minutes after I got home from cycling! Yum! smile grin tongue #Refuel #Hydration


Is tricky to find a good curry in Europe so just this once happy to enjoy some 'Brits Abroad' dining wink tongue Cheers! grin


Beach front at Villajoyosa. This one's sandy: note the palms wink Can't say it's not colourful enough & rather like it!


Shots from today's ride. Lovely roads but a bit arid around here. Higher you go, greener it gets though. Oh well! wink


Evening stroll. Is cloudy but warm. No sand, but on the plus side, won't be find it in every orifice for hours! wink


Between two types of valid syntax, is slightly annoying when one you've been using is deprecated. Doh! #CouldHaveBeenWorse #31FileCommit wink


Last ride of Winter today, a bit chilly: hardly drank a thing. Then again was only just over an hour #ThingsToDo wink


Lost of sites with annoying JS pop-ups still render content server side, so just disable JS on those domains for better experience grin #Bozos


Moved little further South today. Now lovely & warm. Crickets are chirping outside. Bonus: parked by the beach at bottom of a 25km climb! grin


The Spanish like a little ham it seems. Sadly we have to pass due to lack of slicing paraphernalia in the snail! cry


Does anyone else find it highly suspicious that both @garminconnect & @Strava both seem to be having technical difficulties today? #TechFail


Pratiwi cutting up sausisson: "Think I've done too much". Like durh! One can never have too much sausisson! Especially after a few beers! wink


Post ride refreshments... as the shadows lengthen. Another great day. Hmmmmmm... smile tongue


Dear Interwebs: some of us want sites in our native language even in a foreign country. You know, on holiday! Forced geo-locale is useless!


@Garmin: hit 'Connect IQ Store' menu item in your Android app loads a webpage that suggests using the app for a better experience #Fail! sad


Hour or so of work, 81km ride in sunshine, not one but two races (#ParisNice & #TirrenoAdriatico) to watch after lunch #PerfectDay! grin grin grin


When you're out riding & weather turns to shit: can always motivate yourself by thinking about what pros would do, yes? Wrong! sad #ParisNice


Delta de l'Ebre. Quite time of year, but couple OK-ish bird in flight shots. Ducks, Flamingos, that kind of thing wink


Cycling in Serra de Llaberia. After most of winter in the Pyrenees, 3% gradient in warm sunshine felt like a joke! wink


Made it to the Med! We don't really do beach (too flat) But plus side: it's a bit warmer here! Swings/roundabouts wink


Picnic rest stop on our drive today. Just a few items we happened to have in the 'car' wink


Today will be mostly spent... Driving to find some early summer. To the sun..! grin


A few pictures while wondering the Pyrenees foothills today. Lovely here, isn't it? grin


Today's ride: just random cruising through lots of beautiful little villages. This one is Orincles. It's nice here smile


Did you know that Iran is top importer of Cocoa Beans? Just discovered this site & it's absolutely fascinating! http://atlas.media.mit.edu/


Morning snooze bathing in the sun then little walk to next village & back. This is Beaucens, which we pass regularly.


Like to be gifted $10,000,000 a minute? Subsidies = your tax payments that can't go somewhere better! #RealCostOfOil https://t.co/vZZJrmQ0mQ


Dear FBI: dismantle phone, remove flash chip, copy contents, brute force attack copy. Done. Need help? Complete BS! https://t.co/E3xlSJbyi3


So... it stopped snowing... smile Flowers & the view from today's walk in the countryside.


Chores done & a bit chilly out, how to relax? Bread & wine seems like a good start! Cost: the princely sum of 4€! grin


Post ride snack. Pratiwi asked, "Are you going to eat all that?!" Erm... what do you think?! tongue #NaughtyPuppyLook wink


Out walking this beautiful morning & spotted a tree in full bloom. Surely not long before they all look like this! smile


Might have rained a bit last night... wink Still, sun was out this morning while we were out walking & then I got the bike out. Bonus! smile


Only 1 in a million will get it! Are you special? Solve 1+1=? Share if you know! Or stop spreading spam disguised as stupid easy quizzes! sad


Snail life. Cheers! grin


Dear @GarminFitness this is a graph not a report. Old site did reports OK. PS. It's not Feb yet. Not in any timezone!


Today's ride: for a change here's the 'ugly' view looking North wink That's Saint-Savin on the left saving the shot! grin