So... Has anyone got any opinions about England vs Iceland tonight? wink


System I inherited has a 1-many table (2 cols) to join stuff. But instead of multiple rows it has CSV string in a single row! #Facepalm cry


Drove up to Payolle for a stroll & ended up parking in the clouds. Still lovely, if a little chilly for summer!


Drove up the Hourquette d'Ancizan. Opened the door to some new friends wink Misty but the change makes it interesting.


This looks interesting. Maybe it's beer with a hint of bacon? wink


Tiny supermarket in Bagnères-de-Bigorre has nice select of local cheeses. Love taking random chunks from here. Yum!


#Brexit result will bring much 'entertainment' for years to come. This tale of monumental stupidity just the start! https://t.co/005ngP15bf


Type, "Farage 350" into any news search engine. I see stories in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, etc. UK is a global laughing stock! sad cry


My social network is full of posts of disgust at #Brexit (with just 1 exception). So glad for sensible friends & today, a 2nd passport! sad


Spectacular day in the Pyrenees. Col d'Aspin, Arreau, Hourquette d'Ancizan, Sarrat de Gaye. Lazy 2000m of climbing wink


#Brexit... Thank fu&k it's almost over!!! So here's some comedy to finish things off:


Our butter dish (or what passes for one in the snail). Might have been a bit warm today wink


To change sides is OK. It's that Boris's motive is completely self serving & nothing to do with what he knows to be best for the UK. #Brexit


Boris Johnson,  Feb '16: "real problems of this country, low skills, low social mobility, low investment etc have nothing to do with Europe"


Just ate a whole baguette and, like, half kilo of blue cheese. I invite anyone in bio-weapons research to come visit in a few hours! wink grin


I'll forgive and forget If you say you'll never go 'Cos its true what they say It's better the devil you know Wohoo #Brexit @kylieminogue wink


Last day of spring evening ride with my beautiful - if a little slow... ahem! tongue - riding partner. Niiiice! smile grin


RT @500px: 20 Photos That Celebrate The Culture of Europe: https://iso.500px.com/20-photos-... #FridayFeeling


"Countries usually don’t knowingly commit economic suicide... Leaving the EU would be an act of national insanity"! https://www.washingtonpost.com/o...


#Brexit fact: UK donates more to charity than EU costs it! Why would such a generous nation turn it's back on less fortunate neighbours?


UK markets & pound plunge on mere suggestion #Brexit Leave may win. Imagine hit to pension funds & cost of living if it actually happens!


Dear web crawler devs: if you can't play nice, you will be banned. Please play nice, I've got better things to do! sad


Evening 'snack'. Nom, nom, nom... tongue


When you drop round to friends for lunch... and are served a four course gourmet meal! Nom, nom, nom tongue Thank you! smile


Helping friends collect cherries from this beautiful tree in their yard. Yuuuuuum! tongue


Fresh baguette delivery in France. Bread here is seldom wrapped & clearly throwing it in an old pipe isn't an issue!


Salt on jersey is normal but I took ass-sweat to whole new level today wink 100km Tourmalet loop & still 30° at 1700m!


Bit of a struggle up the Tourmalet today. What with heat & running out of water after going long way round. Oops! wink


Re my previous tip on @googlechrome disabling 'Smooth Scrolling' in chrome://flags Setting seems to be ignored the next restart #Annoying sad


Chrome scrolling make you crazy? Fix: chrome://flags & turn off 'Smooth Scrolling'. Disable crappy 'Session Restore Bubble' there too! Yay!


Another back to back tasting test. Duval v St Bernardus Tripel. Verdict: too close to call. More testing required! wink


Random walkies just up the hill from Gerde. Lovely shady track is good as it's pretty warm this evening.


All I could find in the fridge... Leffe & Duval. How terrible! wink Cheers! grin


UK headline: "Temperatures to soar as summer finally arrives... Highs of 25C predicted in London" LOL! Oh dear! #HopeItGetsBetterSoon wink tongue


More French hardship: tough choices to make in the patisserie wink BTW, we went the gateaux fraise & it was to die for!


Accidentally plotted a cycling course up the wrong hill & ended up here: Plaine d'Esquiou. Could have been worse! wink


Dear friends, if you heard of French fuel shortages don't worry. Fuels that count (baguettes, cheese & beer) all still readily available wink


... some time later... smile Just enjoying the evening sun with a few tunes & amber refreshment. It's a hard life! tongue grin


Schoolboy error: Out riding & remembering there's only 1 bottle of beer in fridge! Masterful save: It's a 3 Monts! wink


A few locals obviously thought phone I pulled from my back pocket was food. Sorry! Will bring carrots next time! wink


Col de Beyrede (some dirt & gravel on the climb) & Hourquette d'Ancizan. Cos you can't do famous cols ALL the time wink


Toasty today at 34° in the Baronnies! View back to the snowy peaks from near Capvern. Hmmmmmm.... snnnnooooowwwwww wink


Oh look, @Spotify spammed me in French, 'cos was in France on holiday when I first tried their service. #GeolocationFail #DidNotLikeItAnyhow


Things to do this arvo, so little spin up the Aspin & to Lac de Payolle was all there was time for today. Oh well! wink


So, man cannot live on bread alone, huh? True, but having just polished off my second baguette of the day gonna have to admit I'm trying! wink


I never do coffee stops but beer & pizza is mid-ride break I can get behind wink 122km & Hautacam PR today. Love it! grin


Indonesian's don't drink, huh? The one's in France do! wink grin What I had to endure at a local 'Arisan' gathering wink tongue


Impromptu dinner. French moule frite very nice, but sorry, still not as good as the Belgiums! Great dessert though tongue


What passes for an easy local loop these days wink Couple of hours smashing round beautiful, empty roads like this! grin


Thinking of those in UK. Yes, mid-20s is tough & hope all survived great heat wave of 2016! With luck it'll warm up properly for you soon wink