Wed 2 Nov15:29

With 2x Tourmalet & a club ride in the legs already this week time to relax & enjoy the view. Mission accomplished wink


31 October yet back atop the Tourmalet in summer riding kit! Twice in 5 days. With weather like this stupid not to wink


Approaching Luz-Saint-Sauveur on another Tourmalet tonne. Top tip: take the road to Sassis for this riverside view smile


Post ride essentials smile wink Now to sit in the afternoon sun and enjoy. Cheers! grin


Taking a 'nature break' while out riding. Had to snap these beautiful crocus flowers by the roadside. Love Autumn! smile


Another ride up the Tourmalet & autumn is really kicking in now. Saw some huge vultures while taking pics. Magical!


Dear @Garmin, latest firmware update on Edge 520 froze my device than caused factory reset. Had to setup from scratch! #SupportFail #Morons


Spectacular autumn afternoon in the French Pyrenees, and always a pleasure visiting this spot. Happy Birthday Liz! grin


Media pushes fear & hate, which leads to conflict, leads to innocents suffering, which media use to sell copy. Ignore the mainstream media!


Wonderful & entertaining dinner out with some lovely new - & very generous, thankyou! smile - friends. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Chatting to the neighbours... Moooooooo! smile


Bagneres-de-Bigorre 'Twinning day' celebration. Great dinner & small display of classic cars - British, naturally! wink


Up early today. Things to do & all that! If you had to work in this area this would be your daily commute. Yerch! wink


Early flat aside what an awesome day out on the bike. Biggest ride of the year. In fact biggest ride since 2010! grin


Not far into today's epic forced to limp to LBS on this before procuring new tyre & tube. Lucky wasn't up a mountain!


Autumnal beer in the evening sun. Cheers! smile grin


Gourgue d'Asque, Little Amazon of the Pyrenees. The very definition of crystal clear mountain spring! Amazing place!


A few years old, but shocking & shameful: "Obesity a bigger health crisis globally than hunger" #EatYourselfToDeath


I often ride by this little church but today just couldn't help but stop to take a shot to share the view. Fabulous!


Deutsche Post couldn't find a nice electric van, so built one itself. Rolling out all over Europe!


Out and about around lunchtime, pulled over by this shady stand of trees to eat. Love being enveloped in greenery smile


Lovely Autumn day and just wondering around in the Pyrenean foothills. Sunshine. Fresh air. Tranquillity. Perfect.


The media ignores daily third world tragedies as 'not newsworthy' yet daily shootings in USA are somehow of interest? #MainstreamMediaSucks


It's beer o'clock, but this is all I could find in the fridge. Oh well... cheers! wink grin


Hard hitting Aussie law makers outlaw mooning. Think wording accidentally makes builder's bum a crime too! Oops wink


@daniellloyd1 I don't know what this #freelloydy bollocks (boom-tish) is about, but something already looks a bit too fcuking free to me!


Another glorious day up the Col d'Aspin. Say no more! smile smile smile


LOL! Now Windoze wants to install 350MB+ 'Retail Demo' & handwriting recognition on a PC I already bought that has no touch screen #Retards


Windoze: Updating, don't turn off, will be ages. Me: Bit late now given I've stuff to do & am using a laptop away from power! #WhyLinuxRules


First day of Autumn in the Pyrenees. Lovely misty view along the range on an evening wonder around the foothills.


Lazy supermarket priced these 2 off-cuts the same. Shame wink I chose the larger of the two obviously. Bargain plus! wink


Fallen chestnuts all over the place this time of year. Out walking today so no worries, but best avoided on the bike!


Countryside walkies. It's 'walkies' as neighbour's dog decided to tag along. She's smart, knows not to chase cows! smile


Will & Kate promoting Canada. Don't forget to tell the environmental disaster story that is the Alberta Oil Sands sad


First day of Autumn loop around the Tourmalet. Perfect riding conditions but it is getting a little nippy up top.


Dear Ms May: safe, wealthy nations have a duty to spread these traits globally, NOT selfishly slam doors on those less fortunate! #Disgusted


Just cut my nails in, literally, 1 minute. The InterWeb tells me some people will pay $50,000 for a manicure. So I just earned $3m/hour? wink


Gathering for a birthday celebration in Toulouse. Lots of Indonesian food & french gateaux. Oh yes! Nom, nom, nom! tongue


It might not officially be Autumn for a few days yet, but it's certainly coming. Beautiful colours this morning.


First snow of the season fell on the Pic du Midi couple days back & more yesterday by the looks. #ViewFromOurDoorstep


Another difficult day in Southern France wink Hanging with friends while they force food & drink on us. Thanks guys! grin


Eating figs straight off the tree. Yum! And... erm... nom, nom, nom, nom! tongue


Visiting the market hall in Tarbes. So... here's the obligatory 'piles of bread & cheese' pictures! wink


Bit of exploration & finding the limit of what's marked as a road. Still got those MTB skills, even on 25mm tyres! wink


Dear Australia, you do know a nature reserve should be, um, reserved for nature? Not some lobbyist's dirty business!


Humans have been on the planet over 100,000 years, but destroyed 10% of it's wilderness in the past 20. #Doomed cry


A full fridge. And yes, light inside is blue so our whole place looks funky if no others on when you open the door smile


Quick lunch stop. Tried Parisienne Bruschetta to discover it's cheese on toast with ham! wink Very nice though. Nom! tongue


Spotted in local motorhome dealer: 'Crossover' model of our snail. Think it takes bit more than fat tyres though! tongue