Good as winning the lottery in France: walking into a boulangerie just as fresh bread comes out of the oven. Yum! tongue


@Ikea hob extractor manual: "... should be installed away from... heat sources". So it can't be fitted above a hob, right? #Doh #EpicFail wink


Had a couple of beers waiting on #kbk & now not sure if I should have more or some wine with lunch. Tricky decision! Why is life so hard! wink


Following from my previous update. Yes... well... was there really any choice? wink Cheers! tongue grin


In a bar drinking beer & watching football. Feels like such a novelty! wink Nice selection of brews here! Cheers! grin


Out riding 'early' as classics season starts today. Thought it might be a hardship to ride early but... erm... no! wink


Dear Google, I haven't lived in London for a while, but... Liverpool St to Queensway in 16 minutes? Sounds unlikely!


Today we made the 'mistake' of trying a very small ski station at a very busy time in very hot weather. Oh well... wink


Hmmmmmmm.... pizzaaaaaaaaa tongue :P tongue ... and some tartiflette for good measure. Burp! grin


Snowshoeing at Payolle. Fabulous day. Am not convinced odd footwear was required but it made things entertaining wink


Post skiing treats: Vin chaud & blueberry tart. Nom, nom, nom! tongue Oh, and coffee for someone else for some reason wink


XC Skiing at Payolle. Thank you Claire, our very patient guide, for showing the way. What a perfect day for it! smile


Random capture from a late afternoon stroll down the road. #Beautiful #Tranquil #Relaxing #Pyrenees


Idiot enters big cat enclosure. Big cat does what comes naturally. Idiots kill big cat. #TooManyIdiotsInTheWorld cry http://www.bbc.com/news/world-as...


CX World Champs live from... oh... Luxembourg. Well, Belgium is their heartland so trying to copy that atmosphere wink


Ate 5 croissants today. Oops! wink 3 with bacon & cheese. 2 with jam & cream. Yum! Fuel/refuel on huge day of skiing smile


Skied 7,000m vertical yesterday yet somehow thought a ride with the local club to be a good idea today. Legs now destroyed! In a good way grin


Apres ski in a nice cosy bar. Love Pratiwi's bowl of hot chocolate, but went something more refreshing wink Cheers! grin


Back up the Col du Tourmalet. Although something's a little bit different this time... wink grin


Another perfect day on the slopes. Lucky at least one of us changed something in their outfit! wink


Heading back down the mountain. That cloud hung in the valley all day - was a much better idea to get up above it! grin


Bonjour from the Grand Tourmalet. Awesome day on the piste. Imagine when the other half of the resort is open! wink grin


Driving up to La Mongie after fresh snowfall. 4x4 on snow tyres is pretty impressive here. Feels like a normal day smile


... 4 hours later... what an amazing day!


Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... frosssssssssty! grin


"january 15 famous birthdays"... who'd have thought! #HappyBirthdayToMe wink Thanks to all the well wishers smile grin


Random views from the local roads we travel almost daily. Ever changing mountain scenery never disappoints!


Pratiwi didn't want to go for a short stroll today, but after being talking into it, turns out it was fun! grin


Looks like there's been a nearby accident involving a truck of icing sugar & it's blown all over the place! wink


Bloody hell! More mountain traffic jams! Hope this makes you city slickers feel better! wink


Another Veri-shit-by-Visa fail. Enter your UK postcode? Erm, you know British banks cater to overseas customers, right? #Idiots #NeverWorks


Bike club dinner. No-one behind because us newbie pommies sat at the last table. Don't worry, we weren't alone! wink grin


Trade tariffs are key economic concept in taught in US. Looks like @realDonaldTrump needs to go back to high school! http://www.econlib.org/library/T...


Post-ride refuel. Pratiwi was worried this was too much. LOL... Bless! wink tongue


4pm on New Year's Eve. Sat in a hardware store. I'm feeling so tired could fall asleep right here. Doesn't bode well for this evening! wink


No ride NYE so 2016 done! See cheesy infographic. Bonus fun fact: 343h is around 6% of my waking hours. #NotEnough wink


Does winter riding get any better than this? Unbelievable day playing on the Col d'Aspin!


Having discussion about contents of the fridge, so took this photo to share. Other shelves didn't seem important wink


Xmas 2016. Fabulous lunch with fabulous views & fabulous friends. How much fabulous can you handle? grin Hic! grin wink


Happy holidays to all! Wonderful xmas eve dinner with friends here. Thx for that & lending us a tree for this shot wink


Little walk up near Col des Palomières. Not bad for the first day of winter! Making some new friends too smile


Patisserie didn't have the cake we wanted (it's not strawberry season). Oh well, will have to pick something else! wink


Misty day in the foothills. Caught a moment of sunshine peaking through to light up the other side of the valley.


Have some city slicker friends come to stay. They appear to like a tipple! Just a couple of days worth here! Hic! wink


Lunch by Lac de Gaube. What a spectacular spot. And warm too... glad I brought that refreshing beverage! wink


Lac de Gaube. Frozen. Wow! View aside, sound of the ice popping & cracking echoing around was absolutely incredible!


Don't know why soft lad is mincing around like that... I doubt there's much chance of getting wet! wink


So... the alternate walking route from Pont d'Espagne up to Lac de Gaube. Almost as pretty as the summer path?


Little stream near at Pont d'Espagne. Half frozen there's a tiny waterfall created by the ice here. Cool!


Stroll at Pont d'Espagne: But 10m in & we found path covered in thick ice. No crampons so time to find another way!