Let's take a selfie! wink Oh... and another picture of the cows. Because you can never have enough pictures of cows! wink


I often ride this road but drove today. Traffic here can be tricky as you see. Imagine negotiating this on a bike! wink


Lunch date at Payolle. Special day or something wink The confit du canard & gateau basque awesome & very affordable! grin


Another hideous day up the Tourmalet wink Long way round is so much better when actually eating & drinking enough! grin


OMG! Woke up this morning to discover we don't have any bread! Lucky this is France & 2 minutes later we're saved! wink


Awesome sunburst through the clouds out walking this evening.


Woodland walk this evening. A little bit late in the year for flowers, but there's still some colour in here.


European tick. Tiny little thing (my little finger for scale). Wouldn't last a minute in Australia! wink


Someone had a wonderful time playing in fields & the stream by the road today. Why dog folk can't have nice cars! wink


Early(ish) morning walk at the Col des Palomieres. Looking down into those clouds, it's nice to be in the hills smile


Same spot as last post, but this is the following morning. Another spectacular day in the mountains begins smile


Amazing long lunch with wonderful people (watching le Tour), home for shady woodland walk & now sipping Sangria in the garden smile #LaBelleVie


Random summer evening view in the Pyrenees.


After a large lunch on a warm day nice to go for a walk in a wonderful, shady, cool forest. Lovely and quiet. Magic!


Not sure this cake has enough cream filling. Hmmmmmmmmmmm.... wink Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Another Indonesian gathering today. Loads of wonderful food. Thank you so much! smile Nom, nom, nom! tongue


I often do quite well on the daily leaderboard. 8th up the Aspin today. Somehow I can't see this lasting though! wink


The infamous flamme rouge that would cause a little chaos later today. Luckily I made it under (& back) unscathed! wink


Coming down the Aspin towards Payolle on TdF day. Few campervans parked there! Not us though - we're down the valley.


6s off a PR on the Aspin today. Think I could have taken those seconds with a sprint if it wasn't so busy up here! wink


Lots of fun at the TdF today, a highlight is meeting Didi The Devil just before the Aspin climb. What a character! grin


Breakie by the pool - well, the first course at least wink Fresh eggs straight from the chicken coup. Yum!


Ever been so hot & thirsty you'd lay in a muddy puddle & drink from it? What chasing deer for hours does to dogs! wink


Walking in tall grass didn't know a deer was hiding here. He jumped up & ran as I got too close (2m or so). Amazing!!


Just out wonder in the hills. Lovely evening for it smile


Today's ride: Something short & sweet. Saving myself for tomorrow wink


What's with the colour of this Portugal strip? Looks like they're playing in hospital scrubs! #Hideous


So years later Chilcot report finds what any sane person could see as obvious at the time: Blair & Bush are warmongering liars! #Disgraceful


3 flats today & 1 spare tube. Luckily tons of #TdF fans already along road here happy to give a tube to get you home! grin #LoveRidingInFrance


Just back from cycling & served up this pre-lunch snack from my favourite warung kecil. Great recovery dish. Nom! tongue


Unlucky with a couple of punctures today, but I suppose there are worse places to have to fix one. Won't complain smile


Bit of a traffic jam out riding today. Well, traffic of the bovine kind wink Glorious day up the Hourquette & Aspin! smile


Walkies at Col des Palomières. View behind to the North as you can't see the mountains to the South from here. Doh!


Bit hungover so easy spin up the Tourmalet as a cure. Only 46s behind PR. Maybe drinks the eve. before not all bad wink


Out in the woods next to 'home' with the dogs. One is too shy for photos, the other clearly an attention seeker! wink


Folks here are so generous. Another invite for roast dinner with Yorkshire puds & a nice drop of red. Yum! tongue Thx! grin


Headline writers: Political back stabbing is normal. Is not news. Get back to us when the bunch of cocks announce they have an actual plan!


Roy Hodgson faces media but says: "I don’t really know what I am doing here" Bit like last night then! cry


Almost 60% of UK car exports go to EU & only 20% of German car exports go to UK. So @Nigel_Farage tell me again who tariffs will hurt more?


News pundit: "The most inept, humiliating display" At this point can't tell if he's talking about #Brexit or #Euro2016! cry #LittleBritain


David, in Brussels today, if they offer you a 'new' kind of beer/chocolate make sure it's not called 'article 50'. That's only for Boris wink


Well... I can't wait to see what happens at Wimbledon now! wink


So... Has anyone got any opinions about England vs Iceland tonight? wink


System I inherited has a 1-many table (2 cols) to join stuff. But instead of multiple rows it has CSV string in a single row! #Facepalm cry


Drove up to Payolle for a stroll & ended up parking in the clouds. Still lovely, if a little chilly for summer!


Drove up the Hourquette d'Ancizan. Opened the door to some new friends wink Misty but the change makes it interesting.


This looks interesting. Maybe it's beer with a hint of bacon? wink


Tiny supermarket in Bagnères-de-Bigorre has nice select of local cheeses. Love taking random chunks from here. Yum!


#Brexit result will bring much 'entertainment' for years to come. This tale of monumental stupidity just the start! https://t.co/005ngP15bf


Type, "Farage 350" into any news search engine. I see stories in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, etc. UK is a global laughing stock! sad cry