Lunch by Lac de Gaube. What a spectacular spot. And warm too... glad I brought that refreshing beverage! wink


Lac de Gaube. Frozen. Wow! View aside, sound of the ice popping & cracking echoing around was absolutely incredible!


Don't know why soft lad is mincing around like that... I doubt there's much chance of getting wet! wink


So... the alternate walking route from Pont d'Espagne up to Lac de Gaube. Almost as pretty as the summer path?


Little stream near at Pont d'Espagne. Half frozen there's a tiny waterfall created by the ice here. Cool!


Stroll at Pont d'Espagne: But 10m in & we found path covered in thick ice. No crampons so time to find another way!


Lunch at Payolle. I guess there are perks to having to do this tourist thing after all! wink Nom, nom, nom, nom! tongue


More autumn views... Col d'Aspin of course! Tourist friends mean we have to go sightseeing. Tough day for it! wink grin


Buzzed by a large Macaw Parrot today while riding through a tiny village in the French Pyrenees #Bizarre #FirstTimeForEverything #Squawk


Late afternoon Autumnal stroll. Saw a pheasant up here & chased him out of the bracken when he hid in there. Cool! smile


Another glorious day... perfect for a spin in the sun with Pratiwi grin grin


Random hike up a nearby hill: Plateau d'Esquiou. Pratiwi said was a bit steep near the top. But it's a plateau! wink tongue


I won't try to insult your intelligence with 'decisions, decisions'... of course one has to have both! wink Cheers! grin


Pic from one of the club guys today. Not at all the prettiest part of the ride, but I'm in this shot, so... share! wink


Afternoon snack. Nom, nom, nom! grin #bread #cheese #saucisson


Well good morning! When you wake up to find the farmer has put cows in a field literally 3m from your front door! grin


We pass here all the time, but it's still worth a picture once in a while. That village below is Bagneres-de-Bigorre.


View from the terrace at our local golf club. Lucky one doesn't have to play or be a member to enjoy this smile Phew! wink


Guess cage broke yesterday sad Worn out pin not replaceable anyhow so fixed with cannibalised spare from parts bin grin


What's wrong with this picture? Happened out riding but random stranger gave us a lift home. People here are so nice!


Lovely day & Pratiwi said we should go cycling. Never let it be said I don't pander to her every wish! wink #ToughGig


Today's ride: 'Sunny Tourist Loop'. While none of these roads are famous it's 'tourism' because I stopped for pics smile


Afternoon stroll: Col de Beyrede to ridge above. Just made snow line. Spectacular & one of the best short walks here!


Enjoying this artisanal beer from Brittany courtesy of our good friends up there. Thank you, and cheers! smile


Snow on local 'hills' so autumnal tonne up to Rabastens-de-Bigorre & back. Beautiful roads. Amazing variety here grin


Affligem xmas beer for under 2€/litre. A delicious bargain! Best get some in - expecting thirsty guests soon! wink


Does @Nigel_Farage realise if he emigrates to USA, instead of being confronted with a few strong words it could be guns? Good luck Nige!


Caught out in the rain for the fist time all year & this is the result. Yerch! sad Lucky this doesn't happen often!


Sunrise from the front door. #Tropical wink


Local bike club fete today. No riding, but eating & drinking all arvo. Lots of fun. No pics, I need to lie down! #AntiTraining #OffSeason wink


Heading out to lunch with the local bike club. Random view on the trip there. Lovely & warm in the sunshine today smile


Awesome morning view from our room in Salles-Lavalette. Lovely breakie spread too. Thanks to our very generous hosts!


We've been provided with a lovely traditional room this evening. Little nippy here but so comfy & cosy in that bed!


Last minute decision to take in a concert. In the cheap seats! wink grin wink grin wink


Bonjour Paris! And... au revoir. Not a bad morning for a quick walkabout.


Dinner in Paris. Rather nice Coq au vin for me, something odd for her wink Sitting watching the world go by. Cheers!


La Chouffe is fantastic beer & rare to find it on tap. Cheers! grin #CentralParisPricesMadeThisMostExpensivePintEver!


Strolling streets of Saint-Germain. These food shops & people eating on the street helping us working up an appetite!


Free WiFi/charging desk at Tarbes train station. Well... free so long as you pedal. Great idea & saw kids using it!


Wondering Bagnères-de-Bigorre. Dappled light, traditional buildings, admiring autumn colours on the hillside above.


So people in UK/USA think Brexit/Trump stick it to the establishment? You do realise who put those choices before them, right? #NoRealChange


Moooooooo! Stuck in traffic again... doh! wink


Another random countryside walk. More curious cattle. Such a relaxing time smile


Lunch with friends after a damp walk. Advantage of chilly conditions: the restaurant is serving vin chaud. Cheers!


Short walk near Lac de Payolle. Well, it' can't be glorious sunshine all the time & besides, I quite like the mist tongue


Gooooooooood morning UuuuuSssssAaaaa! Back on top as World's Dumbest nation! U-S-A! U-S-A! #FacePalm #TheyAreAllJustPuppets #NoRealChange wink


Short stroll to check out our new locale. Love how the inquisitive neighbours look up from their morning snack wink smile


Not just a pretty face? wink Access to oven + bit of spare time means fresh bread baked by my own fair hands. Yum! smile


Chatting to local about huge mushrooms he just picked from his field. He insisted we take them to try. So lucky! Yum!


Same road as last time, just bit slower today wink Must have been the clouds holding us back. Right girls? wink grin tongue wink