Normal programming will resume shortly smile But after 3 months off even trundle to next village with Pratiwi not easy!


Out cycling today was stopped by police & then asked to hold this sign as a bunch of randoms rode by! wink Awesome! grin


Not been riding enough lately, but at least when I do get out it looks like this! Love the Hourquette d'Ancizan! smile


Bit of a traffic jam in Sainte-Marie de Campan this morning! wink Mooo! More of the same up the Aspin. Glorious day! smile


Col d'Aspin descent to Payolle. Sometimes just have to stop & enjoy... as not enough time for that on the climb? wink


Col d'Aspin... Moooooooo! wink smile grin


First Hourquette of the year. Lovely smile Cattle are behaving themselves off on the plateau. Unlike... (see next)... wink


Might look a bit cloudy, but beautiful up the Aspin today smile Game of 'Dodge the Cows' necessary on descent too wink


Nothing like first Tourmalet of the year to clear the effects of a weekend of slight excess wink Lovely day for it! grin


Earlier than I would normally go, but lovely ride this morning all the same. Luckily made correct clothing choice wink


Chilling out on a Sunday morning. Lovely little ride and beautiful conditions too. What's not to love? smile :)


Early ride to work up thirst pre-Paris–Roubaix. Accidentally better than planned... forgot the bidons! #Winning wink


Spectacular day on the bike. Loop over the Aspin with this amazing view of the Baronnies on the way home. Perfect! smile


Spectacular winter's day (yes - still winter!) on the Aspin. First ride in shorts for ages & it's up here! Toasty! grin


Another glorious day to be out on the bike. Spring is certainly on the way! smile


Out riding 'early' as classics season starts today. Thought it might be a hardship to ride early but... erm... no! wink


Post-ride refuel. Pratiwi was worried this was too much. LOL... Bless! wink tongue


No ride NYE so 2016 done! See cheesy infographic. Bonus fun fact: 343h is around 6% of my waking hours. #NotEnough wink


Does winter riding get any better than this? Unbelievable day playing on the Col d'Aspin!


Another glorious day... perfect for a spin in the sun with Pratiwi grin grin


Pic from one of the club guys today. Not at all the prettiest part of the ride, but I'm in this shot, so... share! wink


What's wrong with this picture? Happened out riding but random stranger gave us a lift home. People here are so nice!


Lovely day & Pratiwi said we should go cycling. Never let it be said I don't pander to her every wish! wink #ToughGig


Today's ride: 'Sunny Tourist Loop'. While none of these roads are famous it's 'tourism' because I stopped for pics smile


Snow on local 'hills' so autumnal tonne up to Rabastens-de-Bigorre & back. Beautiful roads. Amazing variety here grin


Caught out in the rain for the fist time all year & this is the result. Yerch! sad Lucky this doesn't happen often!


Same road as last time, just bit slower today wink Must have been the clouds holding us back. Right girls? wink grin tongue wink


With 2x Tourmalet & a club ride in the legs already this week time to relax & enjoy the view. Mission accomplished wink


31 October yet back atop the Tourmalet in summer riding kit! Twice in 5 days. With weather like this stupid not to wink


Approaching Luz-Saint-Sauveur on another Tourmalet tonne. Top tip: take the road to Sassis for this riverside view smile


Taking a 'nature break' while out riding. Had to snap these beautiful crocus flowers by the roadside. Love Autumn! smile


Another ride up the Tourmalet & autumn is really kicking in now. Saw some huge vultures while taking pics. Magical!


Early flat aside what an awesome day out on the bike. Biggest ride of the year. In fact biggest ride since 2010! grin


Not far into today's epic forced to limp to LBS on this before procuring new tyre & tube. Lucky wasn't up a mountain!


I often ride by this little church but today just couldn't help but stop to take a shot to share the view. Fabulous!


Another glorious day up the Col d'Aspin. Say no more! smile smile smile


First day of Autumn loop around the Tourmalet. Perfect riding conditions but it is getting a little nippy up top.


Bit of exploration & finding the limit of what's marked as a road. Still got those MTB skills, even on 25mm tyres! wink


After yesterday some recovery needed so gentle spin to the Hourquette. If you call 1000m+ climb up here recovery wink


Top of Hautacam: Blue skies & views for miles! Well, it's the Col de Tramassel actually, but you knew that, right? wink


While it might be a little cloudy down the valley, another glorious day up the Col d'Aspin. Simply love it up here!


Walls of snow in Spring, walls of corn in Summer. Just love the variety of the Northern seasons. Although - ask me again mid-winter! wink


Ahem, well, this is slightly embarrassing... finally gave in & joined the fat bike fad! Look at the size of that! wink


Post-recovery, recovery wink Cheers from Saint-Lary-Soulan! grin


Beautiful day for a recovery ride in the vallée d'Aure. Full on 'recovery' too, my heart rate average was 88bpm grin wink


Erm... didn't I just change this? Oh well, lucky there's nothing strenuous planned for today wink #LotsOfMiles


Route des Lacs descent one of most technical I've done. To finish hit up Piau Engaly because, why not?! #EpicDay grin


Lac d'Aumar & Lac d'Aubert. Sometimes I'm asked why cycle so much? The answer: to be able to get to places like this!


Listed among best Pyrenees rides, Cap-de-Long is indeed up there. Literally! This lake is higher than the Tourmalet!


Today's ride: both sides of the Col du Portillion plus Superbagnères. Spectacular... & the descent is ballistic! grin