Today's ride: Cols Ichere & Lie. No big climbs as taking it easy. Not that several km of almost 10% is *that* easy wink


Today's ride: Short but sweet. Overlooking the Baretous valley & later getting stuck in animal traffic. Baaaaaa!


Today's ride: rolling along a supply branch of the Canal du Midi. And up to a random castle... because... why not? smile


Today's ride: Lac de Saint Ferreol. Beautiful area I think is bit like a mini Black Forest - sadly minus beer/cake sad


Today's ride: just a little local spin in the foothills. What a day for it though! smile


Look who finally joined me up the Aspin, yay! Crazy weather for end of August but only slightly damp so no probs smile


Today's ride: Erm... where's the mountains & what's this blue stuff? wink Cruising between beaches on the Medoc coast.


Today's ride: what's wrong with this picture? Answer: not much! grin Beautiful spin even if a little 'lost' at times wink


On today's ride: little bridge crossing the River Ousse. Still so many little gems like this to discover near home smile


Today's ride: Back on cliffs above Saint-Cirq-Lapopie because... why not? Few drops of rain a welcome refreshment!


Second ride of the day: short cool down with Pratiwi, who also tried #HaySurfing for the first time wink Not bad! grin


Beautiful sunrise ride to avoid forecast heat. Rolling hills & shady forests actually made for perfect conditions smile


Today's ride: Dodging cattle normally no big deal but when herd has young & giant bull present some care required! wink


Beaut Baronnies ride this morning. Road in the background is typical of the area: nothing straight & nothing flat! grin


Beautiful day up top smile Felt knackered when leaving home but much better after this. Wish it was always the way! wink


Glorious day to ride the Col d'Aspin. Not much traffic but loads of riders out... and cattle... Moo! wink smile :)


Guess there are worse places to be forced to ride a trainer wink Easy spin in the sunshine, perfect conditions smile


Not quite my normal view from a bike sad But... thanks to FFC & Kinomap just took a spin up Col de la Colombiere smile


Our w/e trip to Lisbon cancelled for obvs reasons sad However, there are worse places to be stuck wink #SelfIsolation wink


Another amazing day for a ride. Jan/Feb this year been rubbish skiing but awesome on the bike! Swings/roundabouts wink


Today's ride: stunning day for a tour of the Val de Gave. Plus some climbing up the sides, inc Ortiac for these pics.


Today's ride: Hourquette d'Ancizan & Col d'Aspin. In the middle of winter. In shorts (you can't see) wink Ridiculous!


Today's ride: Bit of an explore out West. Beautiful sunshine all ride. So quite. Should come this way more often!


What. A. Day! 4 hour ride should just about make room for dinner. Happy holidays everyone! smile


What. A. Day!!!! Couple of ski days in the legs this week but they seemed to go OK - bonus! grin


At last - cycling in Sunshine! Stunning autumn colours have been hiding most of the month but today all was forgiven.


Tonne up North to Lac du Gabas. Could be last sunshine for a long time but what a day to end our endless summer! wink


See what happens when you say, "pretty please" wink Perfect conditions for an arvo ride. And post ride refreshments! grin


October Tourmalet in full summer kit. Amazing conditions but think that's last of the year. Now bring on the snow! grin


Crossing a surprisingly clear river Rhine on today's ride... where the Swiss/German border was also crossed 5 times!


Today's ride: lovely sunny loop from Chiemsee round by Reit im Winkl & return. Felt flat as a pancake! grin


Morning tootle on the bike. Austrian valleys, lakes, churches & castles under brilliant blue skies. Beautiful stuff.


Stunning scenery & brutal gradients. Passes Falzarego, Valparola, Falzarego - again wink - & Giau. Utter perfection.


Afternoon ride: Passo Valparola... as you can never ride too many epic passes in a day (before it starts to rain)! wink


This morning's ride: Sella Ronda (clockwise). 4 passes, 3 of them higher than the Tourmalet. Simply Spectacular!


Today's ride: smash fest up Passo del Cuvignone then cruise on shores of lake Maggiore through Laveno. Lovely stuff.


When visitors ask to ride the Tourmalet. Erm, OK, if we must! wink Social time, so beers at the top. Cheers! grin


When visitors ask to ride Soulor/Aubisque. Erm, OK, if we must! wink Always spectacular. Even stopped for crepes. Nom!


When visitors ask to ride Hourquette/Aspin. Erm, OK, if we must! wink Clouds & rainbows but didn't get wet - perfect!


Today's ride: followed a chunk of La Vuelta course. Mostly closed & empty roads in stunning countryside. Awesome! smile


Today's ride: thinking of something shorter but too nice a day so ended up here. Ooops wink Nice end to a big week smile


Today's ride: big col stats (100km/1,800m+ vertical) sans big col. Cruising endless miles of empty roads like this.


Today's ride: social(ish) spin up 40km climb to Col de Tentes. With a couple of refreshment stops grin Great day out smile


Col d'Aubisque... like I said not long ago: always better on a bike. Perfect day for it too.


Car-free cols day. Perfection! Bonus: Peyragudes airfield open to us! 1800m climbed (& descended) in just 64km - LOL!


Short ride up little hill with a million of my closest friends wink Tourmalet on TdF day. Absolute insanity! Love it!


Spectacular morning to be riding the Pyrenean foothills... 'nuff said.


Middle of a heatwave? Time to head for the hills! wink Col d'Aspin was wonderfully refreshing. Moooooo! grin


Perfect day for a ride up Hautacam. Slow pace both up & down so plenty of time to enjoy the sunshine & views grin


Cruise round the Argeles-Gazost valley this morning. Beautiful view as ever from Saint-Savin & perfect conditions smile