View over a wildflower meadow passed on today's ride. This is rolling Ardennes countryside around Dochamps. Loverly.


Today's ride around Ypres was completely random, yet passed many cemeteries. Beautiful countryside, horrible history!


Pics from today's spin around Windermere (no vantage point of the lake itself). Bloody cold & windy but great riding!


Few Tour de Yorkshire pics. I said to local reporter (asking about Aussie connection) it's not the Tour de France! sad


Pratiwi: "Are you going cycling today?" Me: [checks weather] "F*ck that!" cry Hmmmmm... any nice pubs around here? wink


Pratiwi: "Want any sunscreen?" Me: "Where am I not covered?!" Arctic gales on today's ride, but still fun #Painful wink


Back from great ride round 50ish km of yesterday's Amstel Gold course. Lovely bergs. Sorry, no pics but imagine green hills & sunny skies smile


Today's ride in Belgium. Bit of pavé, bit of gravel. Cold (despite the sun) & bloody windy. Who'd have thought?! wink


Great to be back on the bike in the sunny Mosel smile But 6 wks of travel, 1 of gastro & 1 of flu has left zero form sad


Can't think why we chose this restaurant. At least while Pratiwi is engrossed in menu there's some entertainment! wink


Tell us something we don't know wink #ReadItAndWeepCouchPotatoes


Just back from cycling. GPS says it was 35° out. Phew! Pratiwi thought she'd have some fun while I stretch: Bliss!


Post ride relaxation in the shade. Bit quiet today, where is everyone? wink #XmasDayBikeRideDone #NowForLunch grin tongue


Feeling good on the 'train' after work wink How good is it to arrive home with mashed legs?! grin http://www.strava.com/activities...


Spotted in Barcelona: family of 5 travelling around by bike. So what was your excuse for not cycling touring again?


Was a bit of Strade Bianchi on the route today, so Cervelo needs a shower. Bike wash with a view outside our cottage!


Another nice trundle today. Snap of the view towards Kangaroo Valley from part way down Berry Mtn descent. Beautiful!


1500m climbed in only 60km today. Beautiful views on ride & for refreshments after. More of the same tomorrow please!


For poms who cry in 20° heat: my jersey after today's ride - & it's in this state a lot! GPS says 36° max. Nice! wink


Is this the only place UK looks 'hot'? wink Awesome geek stuff! @Strava #heatmap http://app.strava.com/saturday-h...


Yes, an actual road sign at the bottom of today's 2nd climb. Who will take the wrong turn? wink #TdF #SBSTdF #OGERocks


Picking out a jersey for today's ride: Hardly a tough choice! wink Can't wait until tonight's stage! #MontVentoux #TdF


Wow... Is it summer already? wink Snacking on banana bread after another great spin in the fantastic winter sunshine smile


Braving Autumn weather in Sydney wink Don't normally share pics from my 'ride like a tourist' route so please enjoy smile


#RVV here! If you can't be there, be on the couch #Leffe in hand, http://live.cyclingnews.com/ on overlay. Cheers! grin


What a joy to be back cycling in the Pyrenees. Glorious mid-winter's day. Just look at that, what's not to love?! smile


Another sunny day on the bike, but with wind & cold you cannot see. Brrrrr... Still, great views of & from Bonnieux.


Stunning day for a ride through Alpilles regional park. Felt more like a summer's evening than middle of winter! smile


View from today's ride at Col du Canadel. Bike would be in foreground, but so windy was blown over the edge! Doh! sad


View on today's ride, just below Col de Vignon. Could just (so no shot) see some snow capped mounts on other side smile


From today's ride: Lac d'Esparron, village of the same name & the crystal clear Verdon river by Gréoux-les-Bains.


Hitting some great hills above Cannes in sunshine & relaxing in the hotel garden. Hard to believe it's almost winter!


Love my @cervelo RS dearly, but maybe time to trade it in for something with more... um... bedrooms? #FairExchange wink


Killing time while car is serviced in Nice: cycle to Monte Carlo & back... via some nice hills with nice views smile


Post-ride today. I guess you'd have to be a @simongerrans or @Orica_GreenEDGE fan to get this! wink


Today's ride: tootle the Sanremo bike path with Pratiwi. Then smash fest to Poggio. Then... well - when in Italy grin


Views from today's ride in the hills above Genoa. Very pleasant... if you can put up with getting in & out of city!


Best climb ever today: 205m vertical in 560m distance. Over 36% average! Or... bad GPS data. Which do you think? wink


Today's ride to Passo della Consuma & Vallombrosa. Stunning autumn colours descending through forest near the latter.


Today's ride: more cycling past olive groves in the Tuscan hills. These are near Doccia, NE of Florence. Very nice smile


After 2 weeks of playing in these hills above Florence, happened to stop at road works when the sun was out. Nice smile


New cassette, rings, chain, cables, brake pads & bar tape. Feels & looks great! smile And do you like the work stand? wink


Chain stretch? What chain stretch?! wink A PC-1091R with 5310km on goes in the bin (with the rings & cluster). Ouch! sad


This morning's ride was round a misty Lake Como. Menaggio to Bellagio. Shots on the ferry back home. Nice way to end.


Already at 1586m altitude but there's 36 hairpins left to do. Or you've done 72 if coming back down like I was! wink


Few of the 36 official hairpins coming from Bormio. There are more below but they must have got bored with numbering!


The Umbrail Pass. Well, it would be rude not to visit the Swiss border & another pass as was only a 200m detour! grin


Am glad it snowed last couple of days, because we were here 3 days ago & this place doesn't look good in the nude! wink


Second (just) highest paved pass in the Alps! See the name under all those stickers? View down the other side is OK!


Ever used a snow drift as a bike rack? wink Finally got some blue skies but can assure you this ride was rather chilly!