Lunch @ Lou Bigourdan. Very tasty menu & good value. BTW, it looks veggie but don't worry, plenty of meat in there smile


When you wake to 20cm of fresh snow at the door: Ski hill next to home tempting, but no, snowshoe instead. Beautiful!


Plenty of snow around on our walk today. One of us grew up loving to slide on icy ground, the other... not so much wink


Beautiful forest snowshoe above Payolle. Didn't see anyone else, but did see couple of wild boar in there. Awesome!


Another great day on the piste up at Grand Tourmalet - La Mongie/Barages smile


After a suuuuuper warm start to winter... the Pyrenees finally got some snow so it's time to hit the slopes!


It's my birthday & I'll, erm, not be eating for days after this feast! wink +Cake friend dropped off this arvo. Nom! tongue


Lunch in Koh Samui. No silly... a restaurant named Koh Samui, not the actual island! wink Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Today's lunch from the road: Lebanese in Mauvezin. Nice enough, but suspect menu is watered down for French tastes.


Post-ride refreshments in dappled autumn sunshine. Lovely day here. Cheers! smile


Sublime lunch at La Table de Michele, Campsas. Love random finds like this. Lucky we didn't fancy a bottle of wine wink


Post-ride refreshments smile Love this time of year when we can sit on terrace in warm sun & not get burnt to a crisp!


In Toulouse for a routine appointment. Never miss a chance to visit fave Indian restaurant here. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Dinner: Octopus, 1kg of steak, cheesecake & nice bottle of Rioja. Spanish sure know how to do meat! Nom, nom, nom! tongue


When 'special meat' at lunch turns out to be tripe. Doh! Lucky Asian wife took that & rest of meal was delish. Phew!


Walk in Lekeitio. Fancied lunch but no food to be seen, just bars with men sipping white wine. Odd! Nice beach tho smile


Lunchtime bargain: 3 courses + beer + coffee for 14E. Generous portions too, now absolutely stuffed! Nom, nom, nom tongue


Dinner at La Tasca de Ana, Jaca. Wonderful little tapas bar. Great food, nice cosy atmosphere. Love it smile


Mushroom, mushroom! Yes, 'tis the season to have fun searching for mushrooms our daily stroll smile


Dinner in Maison Bonnet, Itxassou. Really great flavours & beautifully presented. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Auberge d'Ahusquy. Spectacular views. Unbelievable food. Enough said.


Late lunch of fish & chi... oh wait, my wife is Asian, fish with spicy rice & potatoes wink Nice rose too. Cheers! smile


Happy anniversary to us! smile In town for little drink watching the world go by then great lunch at O2C. Nom, nom, nom!


Obligatory, "We're on a road trip across France in July", picture grin


Place we fancied for lunch in Charolles full so ate snails, duck & creme brulee in Digoin instead. Could be worse! wink


Had a wonderful dinner in the town square here in Staufen. Love towns & villages like this. So colourful & historic.


Huge post-ride dinner of German goodies: Schnitzels, chips, pork & spaetzle. Strudel & of course beer. Hits the spot!


Willkommen in Deutschland! 2 mins after crossing the border sat with a beer, eating schnitzel & pulled pork. Nom! tongue


Rhine Falls, Europe's largest waterfall (by volume). We were passing so had to have a look, but a little puny TBH tongue


Time to leave Lake Lucerne... really love this place. Last of the views on the road above Weggis. Tschuss!


Lucky lunch find: amazing Thai buffet. Saw customers having seconds, followed the lead & had 2 plates like this! Yum!


Random shots from today's instalment of 'Driving Through Switzerland in the Rain'. Bit of a theme forming here!


Yum lunch from Warung Kecil tongue Amazing so nice & sunny given downpour only 1hr earlier - see clouds up valley behind!


Late lunch after a morning's hike. Last of the fresh pasta from Italy sitting under a shady tree. We like it here smile


Onwards & upwards as they say! Last part of today's hike via Windegghutte. Few chains on this climb. Awesome route!


The Trift Bridge. Because why wouldn't you build a rope crossing between cliffs above a glacial lake? A. Maze. Ing!!!


Rain forecast, but awoke to blue skies so maybe it's our lucky day? Fingers crossed as we hop in this cute telecabin.


Quite a drive today so short evening walk to get the legs moving. Parked up in Aareschlucht, Switzerland. Very nice!


Driving the Susten Pass (2,264m) in rain & fog. You'd think it would suck but: wow! Love me some misty mountains! grin


Few minutes drive up the lake... Ciao Svizzera! Quick look around Ascona in the rain. Still beautiful smile


Dinner? As if you couldn't guess: beer & fanta then pizza, pasta & tiramisu! Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Short walk into Cannobio centre. Along the lake of course. Now... what's for dinner!?


Random shots from today's little drive along Lake Maggiore. Feriolo then coffee stop in Intra. Another glorious day.


Dinner at Pane e Vino, Orta. Absolutely loved our platter of meat+cheese & breads. Sublime flavours. Great beer too!


... and so we find ourselves on the shores of Lake Orta. Quite pretty with some hills around. Weather seems OK. Phew!


Rain & fog cleared by noon so: so much for a rest day. Mind you, this little forest hike was still pretty relaxing smile


Seems 2hr+ dawn ride not enough today so took 100s of steps up to tiny church perched atop volcanic rock. Nice view!


Lac de Gaube & Pont d'Espagne - always incredible! Perfect weather. Saw a few marmots but to slow for a pic - doh!


Town square in the lovely mountain village of Prades. Naturally there's an awesome tapas bar here. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Cliff-edge walk around Siurana. Wow! Reminiscent of Blue Mountains. You know, except for the 900 year old church! wink