Ski Alpe'd Huez, Feb '12

This was a kind of pre-holiday holiday wink

En-route to our longer term accommodation in the South of France we managed to find time to get in a week of skiing in Alpe d'Huez.

The season this year had been a bit lacking in snow and warm weather didn't really help skiing conditions, but... it's not very often you get to hit the piste in glorious spring sunshine for the whole week. One really can't complain at all! smile

England, Feb '12

The start of a big adventure! Flying into Birmingham we had a chance to visit a few people before heading off into France. Great catching up with a lot of people not seen for many years.

Official Wedding Pictures

Here are our official pre-wedding, and wedding pictures from Gusde Photography. Enjoy smile

NB: These are mostly straight out of the camera for now, awaiting final edits so they might change later.

Bali, Jul '11

Very special trip to Bali & Lombok for some kind of ceremony, celebration then relaxation.

Catching up with family and friends and various official duties made the start of this trip very busy. An amazing trek across Mount Rinjani was pretty tough.

Finally, after all that we had a few days to relax in style and come back home refreshed.

All in all an amazing trip!