After lunch... time to try the local wares while we sit & watch the world go by. Just a lovely afternoon.


Lunch in Porto. But Pratiwi loves sangria... soooooo... who am I to say no?! wink Nom, nom, nom tongue


When in Spain: tapas lunch in Santiago de Compostela. Followed by ice cream for some reason... even though it's cold!


Cathedral Beach, North Spain. Fabulous 'almost winter' morning exploring. Low tide here is a must. Well planned! wink


Prosciutto in a Spanish supermarket. More of a staple than luxury. Which is how it should be to be honest! Yum! tongue


No lens or perspective trickery here. That's just one bloody big steak! So tasty! Nom, nom, nom... nom... nom! wink tongue


Hallooooooooo... Apakah anda ingin bergabung dengan saya sebagai kari kambing? tongue grin wink


Obligatory 'Pratiwi is the red dot' pics walking along a path cut into the cliff face! Awesome & not scary at all! tongue


Lunch at Asador Llorente, Potes. Yum! And most of these dishes are entrées! We all left feeling a little stuffed! tongue


Just wondering in the hills above Pierrefitte-Nestalas on an Autumn day. Love the Pyrenees! smile


Lunch at Auberge Le Bouic on a lovely sunny day in the mountains. Great food here too. Nom, nom, nom! tongue


Hike up to Lac d'Oô. Lovely autumn colours & beautiful views. Pratiwi being brave with the locals too. Mooooo! wink


Feeding deer at Castle De Haar. They were loving acorns that we collected from an Oak tree just out of their reach.


Visit to Castle De Haar, Netherlands. Immaculately restored and kept, it's just beautiful.


Pratiwi fattening up dinner?! A wonder so many plump chickens like this survive on sites full of hungry campers! wink


Few drinks & a wonderful lunch by the canal in Amsterdam. It is really very nice here on a day like this. Cheers! grin


That dot is Pratiwi close as she dare go - so not that close wink - to edge of Preikestolen. 604m drop to fjord below!


This is just the path on the way to Preikestolen. You don't want to stumble to the left here! wink


Passed Latefossen in sunshine yesterday but so cloudy now sad Proves great light more important than the right camera!


Voringfossen. At *only* 182m, allegedly 83rd highest fall in Norway. Amazing! Nice walk to the (very wet) base! grin


Torvikbygd to Jodal Ferry. In the sun! Yay!


You may think, "Not another waterfall!" but Steinsdalsfossen is different: you can walk behind it which is very cool!


Table for 2, sir? Great food by an international chef, great view & very reasonable bill! wink Lunch by Hardangerfjord.


Short walk by Likholefossen waterfall. Beautiful as we have come to expect in Norway even if it is a bit grey today.


Lunch after hiking in Balestrand. Currywurst plus fish & chips. Giant stack of condiments on the counter was awesome!


Lots of local fresh fruit around in the Norwegian summer. Got some cherries while waiting for the return ferry. Yum!


Solvorn-Ornes ferry on foot. Bit nippy & breezy on fjord (Lustrafjorden that is). Typical Norwegian experience! wink


At least Pratiwi dressed for the conditions! Nice shoes! tongue wink


More scenes from the roads of Norway. This is Route 15 & just a fraction of the many, many rapids that run alongside.


No idea why we have this picture of Pratiwi by a fjord with a pan of bacon, but... it's bacon so I'm posting it! wink


Plenty of interesting stuff along the way. Traditional roof construction is pretty cool! Called 'sod roof' I think.


Think the climbing is over... yay! Time to look for a slightly wider part of the track where we can sit & have lunch!


I told Pratiwi it would make for a better pose if she let go of the cable, but for some reason she wasn't keen! wink


Tiny area of clear land hundreds of metres up a cliff above a fjord. Good place for a farm, ja? That's Skagefla farm!


... still climbing... although it's worth stopping once in a while to admire the views of Geirangerfjord below.


Dropped of by the little sightseeing/ferry boat it's time to start climbing. We're heading for Skagefla farm.


Short walk up the 'waterfall steps' & to the little church in Geiranger. Nice view, but it's better from higher up smile


Random pictures from the Norwegian road. This is the '63' heading South from Trollstigen. Lovely.


Not really best way to finish an all day hike: slippery roots galore on a very steep slope! Still an epic day though!


Pratiwi negotiating part of the, "It's not dangerous, honest!" section. To be fair, it's not as bad as it looks wink


Hiking along rather slim ridge with the aid of chains. I enjoyed this but someone else said it was scary. Pfft wink tongue


Short(ish) hike up the hill (Milthaugen I think) behind campsite. Bit misty and wet at the top! Still fun though smile


Just found this spot by Langfjorden for the night (or longer...?). Someone seems happy with the location! smile


We made it to Norway! First impressions: Views from the road so far & this random coastal spot would say it seems OK!


Lunch in Sankt Peter. As in 2012: Yum! tongue Pork, onions, potato, cheese & beer: Love it! Sat under red awning, sorry!


View from Les Roches du Diable (Devil's Rock). Don't know where the name came from, it's a rather nice place!


Short hike up to Roche des vieux chevaux (great views down to the site we're staying at) & Lac de Lispach.


Tonight we find ourselves in the beautiful courtyard of an old German weingut. I'm rather enjoying the randomness smile


Pratiwi & I have an understanding post sightseeing: she gets coffee & cake & I get beer... & some of her cake! wink


Roaming London like a couple of backpackers wink In past life I would walk through Liverpool St station daily. Surreal!