Catching up in London. Sydney must be expensive now as the cost of a pint in poncy City bar seemed rather reasonable!


Lunch at Royal China in Bayswater. Deep fried duck rolls. Say. No. More! Plus other goodies. Yuuuum! tongue :P tongue


When one is in London, one must partake in dinner in Mayfair, darling. Pies & beer & silliness at The Windmill. Yum!


Some sights of York before lunch by the river while entertained by local wildlife. Then short stroll on walls. Nice!


Feeding ducklings at Naburn Lock campsite. The little fellas come running if they think you have food! Sooooo cute smile


Afternoon tea in Betty's, Harrogate.
"Some cream, sir?"
"Just a little"
Ends with more cream than cake! Tragic! wink tongue


Us city slickers are amused by the most mundane country stuff: feeding chickens at Howgill Lodge campsite.


Last bridge into town after our windswept outing on Loughrigg Fell. Happy days!


Walk into town deserves a treat, right? Beers & dinner in the White Lion, Ambleside. Challenging, but I managed wink tongue


Chef Pratiwi hard at work in our motorhome kitchen. Bacon is on the menu. Yum! smile tongue


Morning stroll by the lake shore next to Castle Howard. Saying hello to some of the locals along the way... quack!


Me: Let's go on deck & take silly pictures by the white cliffs of Dover.
Pratiwi: I'd rather not!
Can't think why! wink


Dessert from the restaurant? Nooooo... from a counter on the street. Waffle & ice cream of course! tongue


Messing about by the windmills in Brugge smile


Short stop in Koblenz. Here's a few sights we glimpsed on a quick walk. Love the spring flowers here! #OrrrrPretty


Morning stroll in the hotel grounds. Lovely place, soooo comfortable. Don't worry - we got a great rate wink


Freebies from the sponsors. Shame it's their alcohol free product! sad Guess not everyone on course is 18+ wink


Positioning for first passage of the riders. Easy enough this early to stand right on the corner bottom of Cauberg.


Currywurst for lunch. It's only sausage & chips covered in spicy (not by our standards, mind) ketchup but still yum!


Messing about by the river wink Evening walk along the Mosel from a small weingut we are staying at in Ediger-Eller.


Afternoon team in Sankt Goar. Had to put up with apple strudel in lieu of scones. It's Germany after all wink Yum! tongue


Lunch stop by the Rhine. Hearty German food all round - dumplings & stew. Very quiet here off season, nice for us smile


Dinner at Greek restaurant in Germany. Confused & didn't know what we were ordering but was tasty when it arrived! tongue


Messing about in a German Ikea. Could we live in a 55m² apartment? Yes, as long as we don't have too many pillows! wink


Passing through Speyer so stopped for quick walk. There's a huge Cathedral here but it's quite plain inside.


Dropped by Landau for lunch. Ended up in town square with lots of blossom on the trees this time of year. Very nice.


Remember Neustadt square we vowed to luncheon in? wink German's aren't much on presentation, but it was so tasty! Yum!


Rhein valley in spring & fruit trees by vineyards are in blossom. We took a short walk near Gimmeldingen to enjoy smile


Jimbaran Beach once the sun has set... & what happens when your tripod (aka wife) moves mid shot wink Goodnight Bali!


Bali Bakery 'v' Holland Bakery. Which is the best Cheesy John in Bali? We vote... drum roll... Holland Bakery! grin tongue


Ah, the resort breakfast buffet. Course one of, erm, maybe I shouldn't say! wink Although I was in the gym earlier! tongue


Cocktails & dinner at Maya Ubud. Yum! Maybe we're biased, but truly worth it's five star rating. Excellent all round!


Looking at Pratiwi was a bit hot arriving at Maya Ubud! Thankful for an upgrade w/private plunge pool. Ah... cooling!


Up early to visit Ubud market before tourist trash comes out. Priorities for Pratiwi though: breakie like a local!


Time for dessert: pisang goreng cooked on the street. Yum! Look at the size of that wok, think this is popular stuff!


Arrived at Tegalalang to see rice terraces. Sadly clouds had other ideas, so nothing for it but to eat more pork! wink


Back down by the lake this morning. I dragged Pratiwi along this time. But then again, sun is up so not that early wink


Either Pratiwi has shrunk or accommodation today is slightly oversized! wink And wait 'til you see the view! Love it!


After a hard day relaxing & being pampered it's nice to... erm... relax some more wink Dinner at Bebek Bengil. Yum! tongue


Whilst in Ubud we must have an obligatory lunch stop at Ibu Oka. Hmmmm... babi guling! smile tongue


After sunset... time for the food. Yum! tongue And the obligatory 'seafood cooking over smoking coconut husks' shot wink


Pre-dinner drinks at Menega Cafe. Waiting for the sunset 'show' to begin...


Fried duck lunch, with some interesting fruit from our trip to the market. Then more fried banana for desert. Yum! tongue


Pratiwi enjoying her street breakfast. As I have said before, looks remarkably similar to lunch or dinner!


Pratiwi trying to figure out what's going on with the millions of Rupiah in our group's kitty. Confusing! wink


Lunch at Djun, Jogjakarta. Hot, hot, hot! I've taken to drinking sweet tea to cool down! Very nice for $2.65/person!


Arrived in Jogjakarta. No nonsense approach to leaving the station. Then crammed into a small taxi. Still having fun!


Decided to take a train from Surabaya to Yogyakarta. Stations either end were surprisingly 'normal'. Here's Surabaya.


They grow a lot of fruit around Malang, so we visited an Orchard. As you do. There were apples here & everything! wink